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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Everything About IBM Lenova ThinkPad

An interlocking frame around the display distributes pressure evenly, so there is less chance of breakage, dead pixels and those nasty imprints on your screen.

Why is ThinkPad is black ?
The human eye is drawn more by white on black than black on white. So it is easier to read white letters on black keys than the other way around. Also, it looks cool.

The blue button helps users get back up and running by themselves after a system crash or virus. It is a built-in help desk. Only smaller.

ThinkPad in space
After several months exposed to the vacuum of space, when a compartment of Mir was punctured, the only damage ThinkPad suffered was a burned-out back light.

ThinkPad at 29,035 feet
On May 17,2003, Atsushi Yamada's ThinkPad was the only functional notebook at the summit of Everest.

The Embedded Security Subsystem protects your data from hackers by storing the master decryption key in silicon. If the chip is removed, the data is destroyed.

The Antidote Delivery Manager lets IT deliver patches to every user on the network after a virus attack, whether they are switched on or not. Even if they already down and effected.

The TrackPoint took two years of user research to perfect. It is raised to protect the wrist. And it comes in there shape options to suit every user's individual preference.

The HDD shock absorber acts like a car bumber, cushioning the hard drive to help protect your data, whether your ThinkPad is on or off. It provides 30% more protection than the case alone.

An integrated fingerprint reader means you don't have to memorise hundreds of passwords. Combined with the embedded security chip, it makes ThinkPad the most secure standard notebook there is.

A keyboard tray helps keep spills from reaching the circuits underneath and a drain hole helps to siphon liquid safely away from the motherboard and out tour ThinkPad.

The UltraConnect antane works with tri-mode technology to increase mobility.It supports frequencies for improved wirelwss LAN connectivity.

A virtual magnifying glass lets you magnify portions of the screen at the touch of a button, easing eye strain.

The ThinkLight is an LED light built into the ThinkPad frame. It uses less battery power than a USB light, so you can work in the dark on long flights without draining your battary or disturbing those around you.

Secure Data Disposal is like a shredder for old hard drives. It securely deletes all information, so you don't have to destroy used drives when you upgrade your notebooks.

The award-winning keyboard has been subjected to a series of ergonomic tests, to make it one of the most comfortable you will ever use.

Doors on the PC card slots protect against dust and paper clips. Other notebook use removable plastic covers, which are easily lost or fotgotten.

ThinkPad is in the permanent design collection of tte Museum of Modern Art in New York. Why? 1000 design awards. 50 patents. One of the best-selling notebook in the history of personal computing. That is why.

Automatic data backup sends your saved data to a hidden area on your hard drive, where it is harder for viruses (and hackers) to reach

Stainless steel hinges keep the ThinkPad display upright, even during airplane turbulance. They also help resist breakage.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sony Fights Apple IPod by Offering New Walkman

Sony said Thursday that it would sell advanced Walkman portable music players this year, aiming to move out of Apple Computer's shadow in a market that Sony created a quarter of a century ago.

The announcement came hours after Apple introduced the pencil-thin iPod nano digital player and a long-anticipated mobile phone that plays music in a bid to extend its domination of the market.

"We are not at all satisfied with where we are now," said Koichiro Tsujino, co-president of Connect, a Sony unit that makes portable music players and offers online music distribution services.

"I understand a certain company made an announcement earlier today," he added at a news conference. "We will accelerate our challenge with these new models."

Sony, which created the portable music market with its cassette-playing Walkmans, has lost out to Apple in the portable digital era as it focused on its mainstay CD and Mini Disc players.

Sony will offer two music players based on hard disks - one with a storage capacity of 20 gigabytes and the other with 6 gigabytes - and three flash- memory-based players that will keep the existing models' perfume bottle appearance.

The 6-gigabyte model is Sony's first hard-disk player with a small capacity. Apple's iPod nano comes in 2- and 4-gigabyte capacities.

Sony's new models will add the ability to select and play the songs a user listens to most, and also to pick songs released in a certain year - a function Sony calls the "time machine shuffle."

The models will go on sale in Japan on Nov. 19 and overseas by the end of the year.

The 20-gigabyte hard-disk model, able to store up to 13,000 songs, is expected to be priced around $320 in Japan, Sony said.

Sony aims to sell 4.5 million hard-disk and flash-memory portable music players in the year to next March, up from 850,000 a year earlier.

Apple has sold about 22 million iPods worldwide in four years.
By Reuters.

Taiwan Court Imprisons Operators of MP3 Download Website

Three operators of a Taiwan website offering MP3 music downloads have been imprisoned for two to three years each for copyright infringement, and one user received a lesser term.

The executives of Kuro -- Taiwan's largest music file-swapping Internet site -- were also each fined three million Taiwan dollars (91,600 US dollars), said Liu Shou-sun, a spokesman for Taipei district court.

"Kuro has violated copyright law in offering its members programs to download MP3 music," Liu said Friday.

Chen Shou-teng, the president of Kuro, received a two-year jail sentence, while chief executive officer Chen Kuo-hua and general manager Chen Kuo-hsiung each were handed a three-year jail term, Liu said.

A Kuro member who had downloaded more than 900 songs was sentenced to four months' jail with a three-year probation period, he said.

The ruling, Taiwan's first crimial verdict for illegal MP3 music downloads, came days after file-swapping site Kazaa lost a similar case in Australia.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) Taiwan -- which filed the copyright infringement suit on behalf of several local music companies -- immediately hailed the ruling.

"We have warned Kuro to stop its invasion of copyright and urged all Kuro members to stop using its services," said a spokesman for IFPI Taiwan.

Kuro said it would appeal the case.

"We wanted to cooperate with the record industry, but we were denied," said Chen Kuo-hua, the CEO.

Intel Narrows Income Target Range

Intel Corp , the world's largest microchip maker, on Thursday narrowed the range of its quarterly revenue forecast but left the midpoint unchanged, saying business remained within expectations.

Intel said it expects third-quarter revenue to be in the range of $9.8 billion to $10 billion, tightening a forecast it issued in July calling for revenue of $9.6 billion to $10.2 billion.

"The company continues to see double-digit year-over-year growth driven primarily by strong demand for notebook PC platforms," the Santa Clara, California-based company said in a statement.

The news came the same day as another bellwether chip maker, Texas Instruments Inc. , raised its financial targets for the current quarter, citing broad-based demand. TI is the world's top maker of semiconductors used in mobile phones.

Also on Thursday, National Semiconductor Corp. , a maker of analog chips used in cellular phones and other electronics, reported quarterly results that handily topped expectations and forecast revenue well above what Wall Street had been expecting according to reuters.

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